Alan's fishProgs - free software

fishProgs applications are free. Free, as in no charge. They can be freely downloaded, used and re-distributed.
They will usually be released as both a Windows '.exe' and a Mac '.dmg'. For a Linux version please e-mail me.
fishProgs applications are built on Linux, using the wxWidgets library.


fishTop provides a simple interface for playing media files or showing presentations, each with a single click.
It makes it very easy to be the operator of the "Multi Media computer" during church.
Download fishTop v3.1.3 Windows installer.


fishOrder uses a calendar to merge data from the Revised Common Lectionary and related information with a template, to produce an Order of Service, or other document, for a Sunday.
Download fishOrder v1.4.8 Windows installer.
Download fishOrder v1.1 Mac OS X dmg.


fishLex provides facilities to browse the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) and manage it's alternates.
This is a utility to support fishOrder.
(Not released yet.)


fishHymns uses a collection of tunes, to generate a full midi file for each hymn.
It does this based on the hymn's meter and number of verses. The tempo and midi-instrument can be set for the generated midi file.
Download fishHymns v1.1.1 Windows installer.


fishTunes maintains a collection of tunes. For each tune it stores it's meter, and a single verse midi file.
This is a utility to support fishHymns.
(Not released. It's basic facilities are included in fishHymns.)

Note for Windows users:

The above programs need "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)".
If it is not already installed on your system, it can be downloaded from Microsoft.

Lex and PlayHymns

This is the final version of the Windows only applications that are the pre-cursor to the fishProgs applications.
Download Lex and PlayHymns v3.6.8 installer.
Download Runtime installer for Lex and PlayHymns v3.x.


E-mail me.